Hydration Belt (16oz)

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Hydration Belt (16oz)

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H2O on the Go!

Fitletic's ergonomic design contours to your body to ELIMINATE BOUNCE and allows for single-handed access of bottles.

• Exclusive Dura-Comfort Technology and ergonomic design contours to your body to ELIMINATE BOUNCE
• Silicone Grippers to eliminate bounce
• Water Resistant Neoprene Pocket for phone and essentials
• Fits Most Phones, including iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4
• Interior Pocket to secure ID /Cash
• Twp Quick-Draw Bottle Holsters with Two 8 oz (250 ml) Flasks w/ Quick-Flow Race Caps- BPA Free / Dishwater Safe
• Ultra Soft Dual-Adjust Waistbelt
• Two Exterior Energy Gel Loops for On-the-Fly Access
• High Visibility Reflectors
• Race Bib Toggles

Comes in TWO sizes: Small/Med (24in to 36in comfortable). Large (29in to 42in).


  1. Good Product Review by JDS

    I have had mine for two years now with and have run everything from a 5k, 10K, 13.1 and Ragnar. The bottles do leak from time to time but worth it for the quailty of the belt. (Posted on 10/11/13)

  2. Perfect Belt!!! Review by SoonerMadden

    Bought this over a year ago, use it on all ranks over 6K. Ran a 15K and a Half Mary with it... I must have liked it since I'm searching for the website to see what else they offer! It truly is a great product. I started with a Camel Pack, way over kill and too much bouncing. Then bought another belt system... Way too much bouncing. This material rides perfectly!!! (Posted on 8/25/13)

  3. Great Product Review by CAN

    I have had this for a whle now and there is no comparison to the competitors, this belt stays in place. I would have given it 5 start but I have also had issues with the water bottles leaking unfortunately. (Posted on 5/28/13)

  4. Belt is great Bottles are cheap Review by DAR

    I love this belt and love how it stays in place with no movement even during a 13 mile run. However the quality of the belt far exceeds the cheep bottles that leaked since day 1. Amazing how the little things like a bottle leaking down your leg can turn an otherwise great designed product something you dread having to run with. The leaking bottle has made it so the elastic in the bottle pouches is now really stiff from the sticky energy drink soaking into the pouches. Making it tough to remove and replace the bottle while running. In all fairness this is the first hydration belt I have tried. So maybe they all leak down your leg and this is a normal thing. (Posted on 5/12/13)

  5. Great Product Review by Chris

    I've never worn a hydration belt, but as my distances got longer, I knew I needed one. I ordered mine online and it was shipped quickly. Sometimes the bottles leak a little if I squeeze them, but other than that, I couldn't imagine running without this belt. It is amazing! (Posted on 5/2/13)

  6. Finally success with hydration belt! Review by Susan

    I just switched from another brand that annoyed me how much it moved around when I ran. I am short and my waist is high up, so this belt insisted that's where it would sit- which hurt because it was on my stomach. I was so nervous to try another brand of belt that seemed like I would have the same problem. I talked to the rep for the brand at their booth at the ING Miami Expo and she promised that this belt did not budge. I just tried it on my long run this morning and was so excited that it worked like a charm! The belt did not move unless I moved it! The only problem I had was trying to figure out where to put my Gu pouch, since the large pouch is only large enough for my phone. Thanks for making such a great product! (Posted on 2/2/13)

  7. Best belt ever! Review by Mandi T

    I used this for a 1/2 and it was perfect. It never moved nor did it shift, unless I did the shifting. :) Can't wait to use it on my next run.

    The only negative thing - might be that the bottles leaked if you filled it too much. 3/4 of the way is best. (Posted on 1/9/13)

  8. Nice hydration belt Review by Jeckel26

    I used this for the first time during a marathon. I only had 1 of the water bottles but I didn't have any problems with it slipping or bouncing. Nice!

    I did have one problem. Since I'm petite and wanted to wear this on my hip, the water bottle ended up rubbing right below my hip flexor.

    I need to play with the positioning during training runs, but overall I'm happy with this. No bounce with one bottle (don't know when using both yet) and it didn't ride up. My running tights are the smooth type so many fuel belts will end up riding up. This didn't do that and stayed in place.

    (Posted on 1/7/13)

  9. Exactly what you need for long runs Review by DMC

    This was the first belt I bought from iFitness and have since bought 1 more for myself and several as gifts. The belt fits perfectly on your hips and doesn't ride up or down. The bottles are easy to clean. Pouch is great for iphone and other necessities since there are gel slots on the belt.

    There was a hiccup with my card when ordering my second belt online and the customer service department was very accessible, friendly, and prompt. When ordering online, I've always had fast delivery - 3 days to Hawaii. Every time I have seen iFitness at an expo, the sales people have been super friendly and approachable. Great company to support. (Posted on 11/20/12)

  10. Best running hydration belt I've ever used! Review by JRS

    My friend talked me into purchasing one of these hydration belts at a race expo we went to. It is absolutely amazing!! No bouncing whatsoever which has been a huge problem with other belts. I have bought a total of 3 other brands before this one and used them a couple of times and quit because they bounced everywhere. This is my new favorite running accessory and I will use it forever! Worth every single penny I spent on it. (Posted on 11/14/12)

  11. Great Product Review by Red

    The only negative thing I can think of is that it seems hot to me. Other than that, I love my belt! (Posted on 11/7/12)

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