a little further and faster!

If you’re like us, you’re constantly striving to improve and challenge yourself.

But there may be some things you haven’t yet thought of that can help you throughout your admirable fitness journey. A serious runner, such as yourself, knows all too well that you don’t just wake up one day and run a marathon.

That is, not without the proper training. These things will always take hard work and perseverance if you want to reap the rewards. With this guide, you can get yourself running a little further and faster than you could the day before, as well as discover:

  • How to create a plan and set proper goals, then stick to them
  • How to fuel correctly and maintain your endurance
  • How to perfect your posture and minimize the chances of injury
  • How to find the gear that’s right for you, from sneakers to belts
  • Why you should be prioritizing recovery time
  • How running with a friend or hiring a coach could be beneficial

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