7+ Running Safety Tips for Women During COVID-19

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There are already plenty of safety precautions runners have to take, especially females. COVID-19 just adds to that long list. But that doesn’t mean you should let up on other practices that can help keep you safe. That’s because a whopping 84% of women have experienced some sort of harassment while running. Unfortunately, that isn’t likely to change because of a pandemic. 

Here is a reminder of some of our top safety running tips for women:

Running Safety Tips

  • Consider running in spacious areas
  • Avoid running alone
  • Avoid earbuds
  • Share your route with friends
  • Consider using a treadmill

Run in spacious areas

Large parks, empty track fields, less-populated trails — there are tons of outdoor areas to run while maintaining your distance from others. If you can, run during the daytime so you can always see those around you and make others aware that you’re approaching them. 

However, make sure your spacious running areas are still populated or public. We understand this advice slightly goes against social distancing guidelines, but it’s still crucial to prioritize your safety while running, regardless of a pandemic. Always plan a safe route ahead of time, and if you have to run in the dark, be sure to follow nighttime running safety tips.

Pro tip: Try to wear a bandana or face mask you can wear around your chin or neck so you can easily pull it up if you have to run or pass someone closely.

Avoid solo runs 

Again, we know this goes against the CDC recommendations to remain six feet from others. However, if you can, run with a member of your household or someone within your extended bubble. If that’s not possible, you can:

  • Run with a dog
  • Carry pepper spray in your running belt
  • Keep your phone in your hand at all times 
  • Enable shortcuts on your smartphone to reach emergency services more quickly

Ditch the earbuds 

Using earbuds reduces your ability to hear your surroundings and can be distracting. Not to mention, if others can see your earbuds, they may recognize you as easily approachable or vulnerable. If you still opt to wear them, make sure any noise-canceling feature is disabled, your volume is low, or wear just one. 

Share your route 

Before you head out for a run, always tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be back. If you feel you have extra gas in your tank on any given day, let them know your run is going to last longer. 

Another effective way to share your location is to enable GPS tracking on your phone. That way, you can choose trusted partners, family, and friends to know where you are when you go for a run. You can also share your location with others indefinitely, which is a great option for those who live alone or forget to let someone know when they head out.

Pro tip: While you should share your planned running route with trusted people, you should never share it on social media. 

Use a (socially distanced) treadmill

We know the treadmill isn’t quite the same as an outdoor run. But as winter approaches, running outside may not always be a viable option. If that’s the case where you live, opt for a treadmill. Try looking for a used (and budget-friendly) one on local sale sites like Facebook Marketplace or city swap groups. If gyms are open in your area, make sure they’re taking necessary precautions to curb the spread of the coronavirus and maintain social distancing, like:

  • Blocking off every other treadmill
  • Taking temperature checks at the front desk
  • Providing sanitation stations
  • Requiring masks when not working out

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