Running belt and gear that carries your phone and essentials comfortably for every occasion


The best way to carry hydration from 5K to marathon


Hold your phone, keys, cards, and more securely with a running belt designed for any occasion!


Holds your phone, keys, cards and more securely

Wear-Tested By Runners, For Runners

Each Fitletic running belt includes these core features that cater to every kind of runner 

Fits Phone & Essentials

No-Bounce Comfort

Lightweight & Durable Materials





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  • Sale! From 5K to Marathon

    From 5K to Marathon

  • Sale! get started running belt bundle black friday bundle

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  • Sale! hydration trail running pack reflective vest multi scarf

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 Designed for Runners, by Runners: The Only Running Gear You Need!

The Fitletic journey started from a place of necessity. Running gear was available from a few major brands, but they were more focused on staying on-brand and missed the functionality that runners need. Back then, running belts looked a lot more like fanny packs! It was hard to find a running belt that was compact, comfortable, and stayed in place. 

We set out to design a range of running belts, hydration packs, arm bands, and other running accessories that served one or more of the following functions:

  • Holds water bottles and energy gels 
  • Prevent chafing, even during a half marathon
  • Secures valuables: money, credit cards, and cell phones of all sizes 
  • Adjusts to different body types
  • Stays in place 
  • Built to last 

Our commitment is that our running gear won’t disappoint – whether you are just getting into running or gearing up for race day. 

What Is a Running Belt, Exactly? 

A running belt is a waist pack, also known as a running pouch, that allows you to stay hands-free while running – no holding keys, water bottles, or your phone.

Back in 2008, our founder was sneaking in runs after dropping her kids at school. As a mom, she wasn’t comfortable leaving her phone at home, so she found herself running with her cell phone in one hand, her water in another, and shoving her housekey in her sportsbra. Suffice it to say, that wasn’t ideal. She decided that if she couldn’t find a better solution, she’d create one herself.

Unlike major brands who have tossed a couple of simple running belts into their vast catalog of sports products, Fitletic is 100% dedicated to runner functionality. As such, we’ve been able to dial in the perfect sports belt, armbands, and storage gear for runners. 

Interestingly enough, we’ve started to get popular among travelers looking for something that allows them to carry their valuables in a secure and sleek way. 

What Features Should I Look For in a Running Belt?  

Our mission at Fitletic is to get people to fall in love with movement. Whether you’re new to running, are an elite athlete, or just want something to keep you hands-free while running errands around town, here are the significant features to look for in a running belt: 

  • Bounce-Free 
  • Ergonomic 
  • Adjustable 
  • Water-Resistant 
  • Secure pouches with things like zippers 
  • Lightweight 
  • High-Quality / Durability 
  • Can hold personal items – specifically, they can hold your cell phone. Many running belts tout that they will hold phones, but they don’t mean larger ones

With hydration pouches specifically, look at how the water and energy gels are balanced and placed. If you see a giant water bottle hanging off to the slide at a slant, it’s probably not going to be too comfortable. 

How Is Fitletic Running Gear Made? 

Some of the materials we utilize are Lycra (also known as Spandex), Neoprene, VELCRO, and more. Our belts and armbands also feature technology such as zippers, pouches, and see-through touch-screen friendly windows. 

How Can I Be Sure that Fitletic Has the Best Running Gear? 

The proof is in the pudding. Please feel free to read our reviews, ask questions and compare our gear to our top competitors. You will quickly see a stark difference. The big one is we know what runners need, and our belts are functional for short runs, all the way up to marathons. 


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