Creative Ways to Comply with Stadium and Festival Bag Policies

Creative Ways to Comply with Stadium and Festival Bag Policies

Sports and music fans worldwide are venturing back to games, festivals, and concerts after a couple of years of pandemic-related restrictions and cancellations. It’s exciting, but also a little confusing: What should I bring to the concert? How will I carry my stuff? 

Many stadiums and event venues enforce a clear bag policy, which means patrons are only allowed a single gallon-sized clear plastic bag or a small clutch bag (the size of a large wallet) without a handle or strap. This can be limiting when you don’t want to hoist all of your things around in an awkward Zip-lock bag or leave everything but your wallet at home. 

There is a way to wear your valuables in comfort and style: A Fitletic running belt! Here are a few creative ways to comply with stadium bag policies:

Tips for using Fitletic running belt at a festival

  • Secure your valuables
  • Keep items close
  • Go hands-free
  • Stay dry
  • Quench your thirst
  • Keep snacks on hand

Secure your valuables
Secure your phone, keys, and wallet in the zippered pouch. This will keep your valuables inconspicuous and safe from theft. During an outdoor event, the pouch will also keep your things dry in inclement weather.

Keep your items close  
Have no fears about dancing the night away or wildly cheering your team: Silicone grippers and an adjustable waist belt will keep your stuff stable and secure. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about your purse getting dirty or stolen!

Go Hands-Free
An adjustable belt will keep you comfortable no matter how long you’re at the event. You don’t have to hold your valuables in your hands or stuff a plastic bag under a seat.

Stay Dry
You’ll appreciate sweat-resistant Lycra fabric after an exhilarating game or invigorating performance.

Quench your thirst
Bottle holsters can be useful for summer outdoor festivals so you can have water on you at all times to prevent dehydration.

Keep Snacks Handy
Larger Fitletic pouches can hold snacks like nuts or granola bars, so you can avoid spending money on overpriced concession snacks.

Best belts for use at concerts and stadium events:  

  • Blitz Sports and Travel Belt. A water-resistant, roomy pouch and interior pocket makes this a great all-around belt.
  • Bolt Fit Running Pouch: This streamlined, two-compartment design is both roomy and comfortable, perfect for holding all of your supplies both over and under a shirt or jacket. 
  • Fully Loaded Refuel Belt: Four outer loops and a flask holder add extra storage capacity.
  • Mini Sport Belt: Lightweight and discreet for those who want the most minimal presence from their gear.
  • Swipe Running Belt: A clear touch-screen window allows easy access to your phone while you’re dancing and cheering.


Waist Wallet vs. Neck Wallet: What’s Best for International Travel?

Waist Wallet vs. Neck Wallet: What’s Best for International Travel?

Deciding Between a Waist Wallet vs. Neck Wallet for International Travel

As more nations reopen their borders, travelers are once again taking to the skies in search of adventure. Because of the pandemic, many aspects of travel have changed — some countries require vaccination or testing records, and many have special entry forms. But one thing remains the same — the need to keep all of your travel documents safe and secure, whether you’re darting through the airport or hiking at Machu Picchu. Which type of compartment is best for your next trip abroad — a waist wallet or a neck wallet? Let us help you decide. 

Waist Wallet vs. Neck Wallet: Pros and Cons 

First and foremost, you should research the quality and construction of the wallet. Good-quality materials are important because you’ll likely wear them for the entire day, both moving and sitting, so you’ll need a wallet that’s comfortable and robust. A wallet with moisture-resistant material will protect your documents, phone, and other sensitive items from weather and sweat. Something bounce-proof will increase comfort and security. A stylish design that you enjoy wearing certainly won’t hurt, either. Both types of wallets can work in this regard, so what’s the difference?

Waist Wallet Pros

  • Discrete
  • Secure
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile

A waist belt travel wallet is essentially a pouch attached to an adjustable strap that you secure around your waist. Several styles offer additional pockets and compartments to allow space for a phone, passport, money, and more. Sports belts, with their water-resistant materials and sleek design, have become increasingly popular for travel.

Benefits of Waist Wallets 

  • When worn under clothing, a waist wallet can be discrete, discouraging theft. 
  • A belt is secure against the body, which also helps protect against pickpockets.
  • Because it’s worn around your waist, a belt is comfortable for prolonged use.
  • Fitletic offers several styles and sizes to fit your needs, and are large enough to carry essentials such as a passport, wallet, and phone 
  • Add-ons are available to increase capacity for water bottles, hand sanitizer, snacks, and more.

Things to Keep in Mind Wearing Waist Wallets Internationally

  • When worn over clothing, a waist wallet may give off a signal that you’re a tourist. However, reflective striping will increase your personal safety when walking through a city at night.
  • Accessing a waist wallet under your clothing can be difficult. 

Neck Wallet Pros

  • Can be worn like a necklace
  • Larger than a waist wallet in most cases

A neck travel wallet is a pouch that hangs loosely from a strap or chain around your neck. Some styles may offer pockets for specific items such as a passport or phone. These types of wallets also have their benefits and drawbacks. 

Benefits of Neck Wallets 

  • Can be discreetly worn under clothing. 
  • Easier to access than a waist wallet if worn like a necklace. 
  • Typically has a larger pouch than a waist wallet. 

Things to Keep in Mind Wearing Neck Wallets Internationally

  • The larger pouch often means it is heavier than a waist wallet, which can pull against your neck and become uncomfortable.
  • Wearing it across your shoulders improves security but makes it more difficult to access, especially when worn under clothing. 
  • Storing more items in a neck wallet can make it bulky, causing bunching and often becoming uncomfortable. 
  • When worn like a necklace, a neck wallet is susceptible to theft.

Find the Perfect Fitletic Wallet for Your Trip

For your next international trip, Fitletic offers sleek and stylish waist wallet options that are sure to work with your travel wardrobe. Fitletic also offers larger daypacks for a fun, sporty style with more storage capacity when traveling. 

The Wonderful Benefits of Juicing and What It Can Do For You

The Wonderful Benefits of Juicing and What It Can Do For You

Mac and cheese, cookies and warm milk, cheesy chili and so many more delicious comfort meals to keep us warm in the winter! Don’t get me wrong, if we want to indulge, winter is the perfect excuse to do it. We do have to keep in mind that when we do indulge, we don’t get all the nutrients we need to stay energized and healthy. We need fruits and vegetables to help fuel our body! Let’s take a look on what exactly juicing is.

Juicing is a process that involves extracting the nutritious juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. The resulting liquid contains most of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants naturally present in the whole fruit or veggie.

Why and How to Start Juicing

  • You obtain nutrients quickly
  • It’s not used to ‘detox’ your body
  • Make sure to wash your fruit correctly

In general, many of us don’t obtain enough nutrients from our diets alone. This is one of the main reasons people juice; it is a great method to obtain a lot of nutrients quickly. So, what do these nutrients do exactly in our body? These nutrients can help protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and various inflammatory diseases. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, valuable compounds called flavonoids and anthocyanins are abundant in many fruits and vegetables that help protect against oxidative cellular damage. This cellular damage can cause diabetes, inflammatory conditions, high blood pressure and more!

It is important to remember that too much of a good thing can also be an issue and juicing is no exception. Using it as a way to “detox” your body or doing a “juicing cleanse” can have harmful effects. Drinking only juice can lead to digestive problems due to a lack of fiber. Fruit and vegetable juice don’t carry enough fiber to help us properly digest. By including pulp in your juice, that can help you get more of that needed fiber.

Washing your fruits and vegetables is also key to preventing any adverse reactions. The CDC and FDA recommends rinsing your produce in cold water and even adding a little vinegar for additional protection. A study published in the “Journal of Food Protection” found that washing apples with vinegar and water reduced bacteria significantly than washing it just with water. Spray white vinegar on your produce and rinse!

For whatever reason you decide to start juicing, make sure that your overall goal is just to add good nutrients to your body to keep it healthy!

We are sharing here one of our favorite juice recipes and we hope you enjoy it. This juice is great to fight inflammation and help the digestive system.

The Early Riser Juice
1 beet, peeled
2 carrots, roughly peeled
1 cup pineapple including the skin (YES… the skin)
1 lemon/lime
An inch of turmeric root


How To Set Realistic Resolutions For The New Year

How To Set Realistic Resolutions For The New Year

The new year is here and it is time to figure out our 2020 resolutions. I have to admit, in the past I was guilty of making goals that weren’t very realistic. By February, they were only a piece of paper sitting in my drawer. Since then, I’ve learned how to create goals that I won’t give up on. You can have long-term or mega goals for the future, but you must make sure these certain goals are reasonable! A couple of years ago, I read about the “SMART” method, and I would love to share it with you all.

The SMART method is an easy way to set realistic goals that you can actually complete!  Here’s how it works:

  • Specific. This is the first step when writing down your resolutions! Clearly describe what you want to achieve – the more specific you get the better.
  • Measurable. For example, instead of saying you want to run more next year, say you will run at least 3 times per week. Keep track of your improvement over the course of the year to keep yourself accountable while celebrating your progress. You can even make goals with a friend so you can keep each other accountable!
  • Attainable. This one speaks for itself! Realistic goals are extremely important because the whole point of having goals is to accomplish them! If one of your goals is to not eat junk food, try to cut out 1 specific junk food at a time instead of saying you will never consume junk food again…because you most likely will!
  • Relevant. Think about the purpose of your goal and why you want to achieve it. What are you really trying to get out of this goal? What’s driving you? Adding relevancy into your goal is vital because it reminds you of why your goal matters.
  • Timely. Having a deadline for your goals really helps keep you on track! I find it helpful to set a monthly goal, because it makes my goals feel closer in reach. Additionally, you can take each month as a chance to start fresh. If you slip up or make a mistake, don’t give up! Adjust your plan and create a game plan for the next month.

I hope these tips help you out with planning your New Year’s resolutions. I am sure you will accomplish them! Remember that no matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying! Happy New Year! 🙂

Quality: A Life Lesson from My Father

Quality: A Life Lesson from My Father

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, I’ve had time to reflect on all the amazing things my dad has taught me over the years. From the time my dad took my training wheels off my tricycle, to the time he taught me how to drive a mid-size SUV only a couple months ago (don’t judge me I’m from New York City!), all I can think is how blessed and grateful I am to have such loving and supportive parents. They have both instilled the confidence in me to do whatever task is at hand, and have prepared me to do great things in this world.

In essence, my dad helped set me up for success by giving me the proper preparation, practice and resources necessary to be the best possible version of myself. If I had to choose the two settings in which my relationship with my father blossomed, it would be in the kitchen and on the soccer field. My dad went to cooking school and he also played sports growing up, he was even the catcher for Miami University’s baseball team! So, he had a lot to teach my brother, Daniel, and I.

My father taught me early on – whether in the kitchen or on the soccer field – how important it is to practice, practice, practice…and to practice properly. He strongly believes in using products with high quality and value, especially while practicing and preparing for something important to you. So, I learned how to tell the difference between something gimmicky and something worth purchasing. This important lesson has followed me throughout my life, and is even part of the reason why I am such a passionate supporter of Fitletic. Fitletic products are made to last, they’re durable, well thought out, and engineered to perfection. Exactly the type of products my father would have taught me to appreciate growing up, especially for all my future morning runs and hikes with friends.

See, the importance of something that’s well made goes beyond just the aesthetics – it allows you to take on your activity with tools that’ll only help you reach your goals – not take away from them. It’s those innovations that make all the difference, like the time my dad lent me his favorite compression socks when I started getting shin splints from running. The lesson is in the details, and the details are what my dad pays attention to more than the average person.

That’s why this Father’s day, I’m excited to gift my dad his very own Fitletic waist belt paired with our new and improved armband. I already have a feeling he’ll enjoy and notice the user-friendly touch screen and the quality material it’s made with to wick moisture and sweat. As for the waist belt, it won’t be a new accessory for him – he’s been wearing one since I was a kid. But he’s in for a treat, because I know firsthand Fitletic has the best one on the market.

The gift is about letting him know I listened all those times he urged me to pick quality over cutting corners. It’s about showing him that his hard work as a parent has changed my life, who I am, and the kinds of decisions I make on a daily basis; whether it’s being detail-oriented, practicing and preparing properly, or valuing the things I’m lucky to have.

Like everything else he does, he has given parenting his best effort and I can say in earnest, he was always great and every day becomes greater. Dad, thank you for everything you do for me, I wouldn’t be me without you. Show your dad (or guardian/parental figure) you care this Father’s day by pairing two Fitletic products together and give the gift of top-notch quality because your dad and my dad deserve products that match their lessons and lifestyles!

Treat Mom to a New Running Belt for Mother’s Day!

Treat Mom to a New Running Belt for Mother’s Day!

Does your Mom like to work out at the gym, take long runs on the local trail, or just go for the occasional walk in the neighborhood? Moms do a lot for us every day: they are constantly balancing supporting and cheering on their children with running errands and working a full-time job. We can take the time to give back to our moms that sacrifice so much for us this Mother’s Day! Show Mom you value the time and effort she puts into her healthy lifestyle and workouts with a gift from Fitletic! At Fitletic, we’ve just released some new products that are designed for the intense runner, the errand runner, the frequent flyer, and every mom in between. Fitletic has a gift for every mom!

Here are some of the newest products Fitletic has to offer for Mother’s Day:


360° Running Belt

This belt comes with two easy-to access pockets for all of Mom’s daily essentials, whether she’s going to the park or the grocery store. The pockets fit most large cell phones, and the belt comes in two sizes. If you like this design, but are looking for something smaller, check out our runners pouch, which still provides great storage, but in a much more compact fashion.

Bolt Runners Pouch

Looking for a gift for an athlete who carries a lot with them during their workout? With two pockets for extra storage, the Bolt is the perfect solution. It has plenty of space for all the needs for longer workouts, or for runners who like to separate their day-to-day items from their running essentials.

Blitz Reflective Running Belt

Is your mom always on the run, and the only time she has to actually run is before the sun has risen or after it has set? The Blitz would make a great gift for her, especially because of its reflective straps. Keep your mom safe during her run! Plus, the Blitz Running Belt is equipped with an earphone port, which means she can listen to her workout playlist as she runs while her phone is stored securely in the pouch!

Zipless Running Belt

Frustrated of running while trying to open a zipper to get access to your gel packs or cell phones? Our new Zipless Running Belt solves that problem. While giving your mom the same security as any of our zippered fit belts, the Zipless Running belt has a secure compartment that is easy to open, and there is no need to fiddle with any zippers during her workout! These are just our newest items, but we have water running belts for long distance runners, cell phone holders for running for moms who are always connected, and many more styles of running waist pouches. And remember- Fitletic’s running belts can serve multiple purposes; your mom doesn’t have to be a jogger or marathon runner to put our fit belts to good use!  If you’re looking for a great utilitarian gift for your mom or other important woman in your life, make sure to treat her well this Sunday!   Happy Mother’s Day from Fitletic! Continue Reading: What To Buy for Back To School

Reflections on Gratitude

Reflections on Gratitude

As William Arthur Ward once said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
Think about it: How often have you felt the warm tingle of gratitude without sharing its beauty with the world—not necessarily because you didn’t want to, but because you simply forgot, were sidetracked by something else, or just didn’t make the time? This Thanksgiving, let’s infuse our lives with the spirit of the holiday & not only ‘be’ grateful, but SHOW our gratitude in all the beautiful ways it deserves.
Here are just a few ideas:
-Send a quick handwritten note to congratulate someone who has overcome an obstacle or achieved a goal. Tell them how grateful you are because it has sparked motivation in your own journey!
-Take a handful of your over sized race t shirts that you rarely wear and give them to the homeless people you see on your drive to/from work. The appreciation on their faces will deepen your own sense of gratitude for how much you actually do have in your life.
-Go to your local running store that not only takes their time recommending the perfect shoes & running belt, but has also created a supportive running community that feels more like your family. Submit a stellar review on Facebook, Yelp, or Google to encourage other runners to stop by & experience the same amazing support that keeps you coming back!
-Think of some of your favorite race-day memories. Who made it special? Your friends running beside you? Your family cheering on the sidelines? The volunteers who kept your spirits up at the last aid station? The race director who announced your name as you crossed the finish line of your first half marathon? Send a couple quick handwritten ‘thank you’s’ to let them know just how awesome they made your experience.
-Go for your favorite workout–solo–and acknowledge your thanks for the simple fact that you are right here, right now and able to be doing the exact thing that makes you feel so happy, healthy, and whole.
An Inevitable Truth

An Inevitable Truth


No matter what goals you set, the common denominator for each goal is CHANGE. How effectively you handle the discomfort caused by the change is what ultimately determines your success. But what’s the secret to dealing with this discomfort as you work toward your goals?

Having enough self-discipline to maintain a positive attitude while enduring the discomfort of change is key. To keep a sense of optimism once the going gets tough, you must train your brain to accept the fact that discomfort is part of your journey. Once you are at peace with this inevitable truth, your mind will be much more willing to continue stretching your comfort zone.

The moment you begin pushing past the discomfort, you begin to cultivate the discipline necessary to persevere in the future. As you work through the daily grind, celebrate every small ounce of success that you can possibly identify. Share your successes with those around you as a way of acknowledging your growth, reinforcing your ability, and increasing your motivation to keep going. Soon, the roots of your optimism and confidence will grow to such depths that it becomes impossible to uproot them, regardless of the challenge.