Christopher Malenab


Christopher describes running as a way to explore the world and meet other awesome humans. He started a free running group in Sacramento, CA called 9RUN6, which is a play on the area code 916. Since then, he has moved to Reno, Nevada for work but frequents Sacramento as much as possible . By day, he is a professional soccer coach and every other time he isn’t working, he enjoys running and anything else active. His favorite distance is marathon, having completed 32. Most recently he found joy in the ultra distances! His most recent run was covering 82.6 miles over 18 1/2 hours around a one mile loop in San Francisco.

Active Lifestyle:

He enjoys running, especially with other people! It is a way for him to stay active as well as use it as social interaction.

2020 Goals:

His 2020 goals are breaking 100 miles in an ultra, either through a timed 24 hour endurance run or a set 100 mile distance endurance race!

Belt of choice: Journey Backpack

His favorite product is the Journey Backpack Hydration System!

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