Cori Nicholls

Cori Nicholls


Dan Zirbes

Technician with the Minnesota Army National Guard as a Telecommunications Specialist.

I truly started running about a year and a half ago when I was going through my Warrant Officer Candidate School and needed to pass my 2 mile run. You see, before that time, I had just lost 70 lbs and was doing general workouts and cardio to lose the weight. When I started my school, and running, I was starting too really like running. One day, after one of my runs, I told my wife “I thing I am getting faster at the 2 miles” and she replied “Then run farther and see how far you can go.” So I did.

One thing I do love about running is being outside and enjoying the day no matter what had gone on before my run or was is happening after it. I run in all weather conditions because it is just “Getting out there” that matters to me. I also do love the competition of racing. Pushing myself to go farther, faster, and longer than I have before. To this day, I still think about what my wife said, “Then run farther and see how far you can go.” every time I train for a race. That one line changed the way I looked at running and how I go about getting mentally prepared for it. I guess I could say I am a running addict now and I can blame my wife (there are worse things, lol).

RACES COMPLETED:  2 – 10k’s, 2 -4mi Mud Runs, Duathlon Sprint, Olympic Triathlon, Half Marathon *please note Dan did ALL these races within one year!

UPCOMING RACES & GOALS: Carolina Spartan Beast, Polar Dash Half Marathon, His first Marathon and IN 2015 Dan is going to do an IRONMAN!!!

I just keep thinking that only 2 years ago I was a huge couch potato, and running was a four-letter-word and here I am planning to do an Ironman. WOOHOO!!

I just want to thank you for choosing me to be your runner of the month. This means a lot to me because of how passionate I have become about running and sharing it with others is awesome. You can truly see I was not a runner before and now I have found my passion.”

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