Hi-Vis Options for When the Clocks Go Back

It’s official – the clocks are going back and winter is that little bit closer! With the time change comes darker evenings (you should expect sun set about 1 hour earlier than before), although for a time mornings will be lighter. Life – and your training – doesn’t stop though, so safety is as important as ever!

Hi-Vis Options for When the Clocks Go Back

  • Make sure you can see
  • Make sure you can be seen
  • Bring your phone
  • Stay warm
  • Stay hydrated
    Vivid Plus Headlamp

1) See…

Less daylight means less visibility. Those potholes and tree roots you may be able to see coming in the middle of summer could be hiding in the shadows from November through March. Headlamps, therefore, will become your best friend to guide your way while you run or walk. Try the Vivid Plus Headlamp that boasts 135-lumens and a range of 120 meters! Blitz Belt

2) …And Be Seen!

Reflect, reflect, reflect! Deck yourself out in highly reflective products so oncoming traffic and other pedestrians can see you coming and not get in your way. Products like the Blitz Sport and Travel Belt work wonderfully at both holding all your essentials while providing much needed reflection at dusk and dawn. Surge Armband

3) Bring your phone

Although you may like to unplug while clocking up the miles, during the darker months when safety is super important it’s a good idea to keep your cell on you at all times. This will allow you to phone a friend ASAP if accidents happen such as falling in the lower visibility, getting hit by something that didn’t see you coming, or even getting lost. Items such as the HydraPalm Bottle Holder will keep your phone literally at your fingertips while also giving you some much needed hydration, and the Surge Armband allows you to unleash your inner athlete while keeping your phone out the way on your arm! It also features a smart reflective window for high visibility. Fitletic Scarf

4) Stay Warm

Darker days mean cooler days. Make sure you stay warm – even if you’re out for a long run – to keep your body ticking and ward of sickness. Your extremities get cold first, so try out the Multi Scarf Headwear that doubles up as a neck/face buff AND a sweet headband/ear warmer! Plus, it comes in 13 colorways so there’s one for everyone! Fully Loaded Belt

5) Stay Hydrated

Your body will also tolerate the cold much better when it’s properly fed and hydrated. Don’t go out for longer than a 20 minute run without a Hydration Belt stocked with water and energy gels to keep your blood sugar up. The Fully Loaded Belt is a perfect option for snacks, drinks AND enough room for your essentials – ID, money and keys!   One perk for the clocks going back? We’re getting closer to the holidays! #GoforGreater everyone!

Fitletic is here to make sure you’re prepared!

Find all products to get ready for the time change on our website, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more tips!

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