Juliette Zetha


Giulia was born in Milan, Italy, but decided to take a big leap and move to the mountains where her boyfriend lives. She now lives in a small Village in Aosta Valley, Gressoney, and loves it. She is grateful for the opportunity to enjoy all the amazing things that the area has to offer. Giulia is an employee at a ski-school, but always cuts out some time to do what she loves the most: ski-touring in the wintertime and trail running in summer. She began to intensify her training only 4 years ago. This passion came out of nowhere, but since then it has brought her many accomplishments.

Active Lifestyle:

Giulia has a really active lifestyle, even on days when she is relaxing. She loves going up the mountains to watch the sunrise or sunset from the summit, always accompanied by her best mate, her dog Baloo.

2020 Goals:

Tor des Geants is one of her biggest aspirations. She had the chance to participate in 2018 and ended up becoming one of the finishers of this incredible race! In 2019, she tried it again but unfortunately didn’t have the same physical and mental strength as the year before. She said 2021 is going to be her year! She will be able to face those 330 km and 30.000 h+ that 3 years ago made her feel like a “Giant”!!!!

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