Kathleen Vazzana

Kathleen is a physician who has learned that in order to promote health in her patients, she need to prioritize her own health. 2 years ago, she ran a half marathon as a bucket list item. Along the way, she ended up falling in love with running. This kick-started her fitness journey. 70lbs down and 10 half marathons later, she is focused on taking her running to the next level.

Active Lifestyle:
In addition to running, she practices yoga, strength training, hiit workouts, and indoor cycling to optimize her fitness.

2020 Goals:
In 2020, she is training for her first marathon. She will also be participating in her first international race- the Disneyland Paris 36k challenge. Amazing!

Fitletic Product of Choice: Fitletic Visor
Kathleen loves taking her trusty Fitletic visor along on race day! She believes anyone can be a runner, you just have to take that first step!

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