Leah Sandel Hensley

Leah is an amazing mother of two, competitive Obstacle Course Racer, Mental Health Therapist, pug lover, and co-host of a weekly OCR podcast- “The BROCR SUPERCAST.” Her nickname in the sport is “4 foot 10 of Hell Yeah!” And her favorite quote is “Sprinkles are For Winners!” She strive daily to earn my sprinkles!

Active Lifestyle:
She stays active by competing in OCR, running, strength training, trail running, and yoga. She has competed in pretty much every OCR option out there- from short 3k courses, all the way up to 24hr endurance races. Leah loves challenging herself and trying new competitive challenges!

2020 Goals:
Competing in Hyrox and Dekafit challenges, earn a 5K PR, podium a local trail race series….And have allllll the fun she possibly can!!

Gear of Choice: Hydration Belt
Leah’s loyal sidekick is her Fitletic hydration belt

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