Noah Lee Jordan

Noah started running seriously about 2 years ago. In the beginning, it was just supposed to be a fun activity to make new friends and explore the Twin Cities on foot, but after a few races he caught that all too common “runners high” and never looked back. Not only did he enjoy the adrenaline rush that came during races, but he loved the running community as a whole, which is why Noah also works with a non-profit organization called Mile in My Shoes, a Minneapolis-based running program centered on building community and creating lifelong runners. Although running is a huge part of Noah’s life, when he’s not running all over the Twin Cities, he’s probably visiting one of the many Disney parks, traveling the world, eating pizza and pasta or seeing Broadway shows and tours!

Active Lifestyle:
Noah is primarily a runner (and not so secretly hates treadmills), so when the harsh Minnesota weather makes running tough or it’s just time to mix things up, you can find him in a cycle class, hiking, rock climbing or having a good old fashioned dance party to burn a few extra calories.

2020 Goals:
Qualify for the New York Marathon and/or Boston Marathon fingers crossed … and maybe spend some time dabbling in a trail racing.

Gear of Choice: Ultimate I Running Belt
Ultimate I Running Belt. It was the first Fitletic product he was ever exposed to and it will forever be one of his running essentials!

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