Hydra 16 hydration belt green
Hydra 16 hydration belt green
Hydra 16 hydration belt green
Hydra 16 hydration belt green
Hydra 16 Hydration Belt
Hydra 16 Hydration Belt

Hydra 16 Hydration Belt


The best hydration, running and marathon belt. A solution so innovative, it’s patented.

This running hydration belt has everything you care about as a runner: it holds 16oz of water, your big phone, and it doesn’t bounce. Our BPA free hydration bottles feature quick-flow caps to drink easily on the go, even with just one hand. The water resistant pouch keeps your phone safe and close, and the inner pocket even holds your ID/cash separately. If you wear smooth running tights, our featured silicone grippers will keep this hydration belt in place (unlike most). This water belt will become your new favorite running accessory for every race and training session. It combines many features into one belt, including storage for your essentials, smartphone, gels – plus it even has integrated race bib toggles.

(22 customer reviews)
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Product Details

  • Fits iPhone 8/8 Plus / X / XR , Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus and other Similar Sized Phones
  • Two quick-draw bottle holsters hold two 8 oz BPA Free bottles
  • Bottles feature quick-flow race caps for single-handed use (Carbonated liquids may cause leakage)
  • Dishwasher safe (for best results, place bottle on top rack only and avoid high heat to prevent damage)
  • Bungee cord loops over the bottle caps keep bottles secure—no falling out
  • Two exterior energy gel loops for on-the-fly access
  • Silicone grippers eliminate bounce
  • Integrated bib toggles for race day
  • Exclusive Dura-Comfort Technology ensures no bouncing, riding up, or chafing
  • Water resistant Neoprene keeps items safe from sweat & light rain
  • Interior pocket to securely hold ID and credit cards
  • Ultra Soft Dual-Adjust Waist belt
  • Reflective accents for high visibility
  • Pouch Dimensions: (7.5 inches x 3.75 inches/19 cm x 9.5 cm)

22 reviews for Hydra 16 Hydration Belt

  1. Jonathan

    This is my go-to hydration gear for my summer runs. Enough water capacity to get me through my run and a protective pocket for my phone.

  2. Mitch Rivas

    Almost perfect in every way! I absolutely love this water belt, and the pouch is big enough for my IPhone. Once adjusted, the belt doesn’t move at all! The only thing (and this my fault for not reading the description better) is I thought the bottles would be two of the larger size bottles, but I have two larger bottles (from the single carry belt) and use them instead. They are a bit snug, but they work. OVERALL I would recommend the product for sure!

  3. Steffi Fuchs

    This is a great running belt, best one I ever used!
    *I love the fact than you have a color choice for the belt
    *The belt stayed in place the whole time, it didn’t bounce al all. It was so comftable – I forgot I was wearing it
    * The bottles are secured with a extra rubber band, easy to handle while you are running. I very much liked the bottle design, simple squeeze the bottle and the water was coming out – no need to twist or pull on the bottle top.
    * The front pouch has a little extra pocket liner for your ID or credit card. The zipper is easy to handle and the size of the pocket is perfectly fine for your phone.
    * Extra loop for your energy gels on the side are perfect place and size
    * You also can attach your race number on the bottom of the belt
    All over rating, this as a great belt, worth every dime. I highly recommend this belt.

  4. Andras Feszthammer

    Best belt I had, hands down. Ran 5 marathons since I got it and I couldn’t be happier. No bounce, no rubbing and plenty of storage for GUs and pills. The bottles are not too big, but I normally carry UCAN in one and XTEND in the other and take my water from the water stations. But for my long runs the two bottles last for 10-13 miles.

  5. Tanya C

    I’ve bought a few of these for myself and for others. Durable, stays put. I love all the options to carry about anything. I carry a knife, mace, gels, water, phone and even a Saran wrapped couple of Tylenol.

    The only thing it doesn’t have that can easily be done is to add a pistol holster using the same engineering used for the water bottles to add to the belt. Currently I use a separate holster attached to my tights. It’s not the best.

    I love my fitletik hydration belt and I’m getting another one!

  6. Pretty Soelaiman

    I had the older generation and it only had space for Iphone SE and lipstick size Anker chargable battery (I ran with this battery during New York City Marathon). I received this newer generation as a gift and love it, bigger pocket, now I can also fit a hand sanitizer in it! The clicking system has changed tho, sleeker looking, but not perfectly squared as the older generation, where I can click with my eyes closed. The newer one is an X shape, I need to spin the belt around, click it at the front, and spin it back. Not a deal breaker at all.
    I wear S/M, and it sits right on my hip bones, zero bounce and no it didn’t restrict my leg movements during the run. The bottles are easily washed, and also easily replacable (my old ones last for five years)

  7. Kristina

    Love the hydra16! I find this belt extremely comfortable on my runs and love how easy it is to squirt the bottles as I have struggled with other brand bottles in the past (other brands you have to actually suck on the bottle which is difficult to do when you’re already short of breath!) These make it easy to hydrate while running! The belt stays in place and holds all my essentials and a race number. I would definitely recommend this belt to anyone looking for comfort, convenience, and hydration!

  8. Your review is awaiting approval

    Great Product But Terrible Customer Service

    I use this belt when I do my long runs. After some trial and error I agree the belt does stay in place and doesn’t bounce. I would have given this five stars but I submitted a question to customer service and no one ever got in touch with me. I value a company with good customer service and this one doesn’t have that so therefore three stars.

  9. Danika Lugo

    I absolutely love this belt. I wasn’t used to running with anything, but it was preventing me from running very far, since I had no water. I was afraid the small wouldn’t fit my waist (dang Covid body), as I’m up to about a 29″ waist now, but it has a lot of room for adjustment, and is actually perfect, as I am about in the “middle” for this belt. I have room to make it smaller, and that’s starting to happen since I’m running more. It took only a few minutes to get used to wearing it, and now I can’t imagine running without it. I just ordered one for my boyfriend, too, because he’s heard me raving about mine. Sadly, I lost a bottle on my run today and didn’t realize it right away, and it was run over, destroying the cap. I love that I can just buy a replacement cap and not an entire new belt or even bottle, but I’m getting some bottles, too. I love the caps, because I don’t need to use my teeth or hands to lift, bite, or open anything. You just squeeze and it shoots into your mouth. One time the membrane inside flapped open and I lost about 4 oz on my run. When I got home I just poked it with a blunt piece of plastic and it snapped back into place, and worked perfectly until it met the car’s tire today. RIP little buddy, but that was my fault because I never use the straps to keep them in place. I think I will now, though! I love this belt/bottle system!

  10. Darlene

    I’m quite sure I bought my running belt at the 2012 Portland Rock n’ Roll race package pick up. I’m am finally about to replace it now (overdue as elastic gave up the ghost awhile ago). Aside from running shoes and attire, this is my most important running tool. I absolutely love this belt! No bounce even with three bottles attached. My average is probably 35-40k weekly and a few marathon training adventures. I’d love to keep my original but with the expired elastic, I get an opportunity to have a new colour. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!

  11. Noah Jordan

    I just received the Hydra 16 Hydration Belt as a gift and I will never go on a long run without it! The dual water bottles have enough hydration to keep you going but w/o getting warm and the pouch is perfect for any mid run nutrition, a phone or even your house key.
    I like to split the water bottles and use one for plain water and the other for something with electrolytes just to have options. Again, this belt has been a complete #gamechanger for my long training runs.

  12. Tina Thomas

    This belt has gotten me through training for marathons. It stays in place and holds all I need on my long training runs. I highly recommend it.

  13. Donya Brewer

    I love my new Fitletic belt and look forward to wearing it in many marathons to come!

  14. Maya

    Absolutely love this belt! It’s always out and never rise. I definitely recommend it.

  15. Shanita

    I have used fitletic hydration belts for at least five years now and the quality and comfort are unmatched! I use my fitletic belt during training runs and race runs and I’m able to keep my nutrition with me, my phone on me, and it’s easy to pull out the bottle for quick drinks. Fitletic is great!

  16. Suzanne

    Awesome product. Stays in place!

  17. Kirsten G

    Best running belt ever !!

  18. Julie

    I’ve been running for 8 years and i only use I only use this belt. The bottles never fall out, it doesn’t bounce and best of all you don’t have to use safety pins for your bibs!!! It’s simply the best!

  19. Your review is awaiting approval

    I really wish you had a belt with 2 larger bottles for long runs

  20. Audra

    I’ve used the previous version for years. I love it!! I’m so excited for the new model that will hold my larger phone.

  21. Claire

    The only running hydration belt I will use. They don’t bounce, don’t stretch and the bottles don’t leak.

  22. Shawn Kilian

    This is the greatest running belt ever made. I have used these belts for 3 years now and they last me about 6 months @ 42 miles per week average. They don’t bounce, even with 4x 8oz bottles attached. There is plenty of space to fit about 4 energy gels, some toilet paper (in a ziploc bag of course) and some chap stick. Over time, obviously they will wear out (usually the elastic strap or zipper) and you’ll have to buy a new one, for but how much running I do, I’d say 6 months is a good duration for a belt of high quality like this one. You’re essentially paying $0.25 cents a day to own this belt. I will never buy a different brand for my running belt.

  23. Jim Murphy

    I use my Hydra16 belt every time I run — training and races (at race hydration stations, I’m just slowing down to top off one of my 8 ounce bottles). Being able to attach a race bib to the belt is also a plus (no more safety pins!). This belt is always snug and doesn’t bounce. I also appreciate the reflective safety tabs.

    My only complaint is that on my previous two belts, the pouch zipper has broken long before the belt’s usable life.

  24. Your review is awaiting approval

    This belt can only be worn on the hips, which means it will begin to crawl up as you keep running, because the movement from the legs shimmy the belt upwards. This means, the belt ends up on your lower stomach, and your arms will inevitable slam into the water bottles every time. The pouch dimensions were wrong – it barely fits a phone 7inches in length with no case. I’m really, really disappointed.

  25. Kristin Jerome

    This hydration belt is AMAZING, worth every single penny! It is a lifesaver during long runs because I don’t have to worry about the belt bouncing or slipping, plus the pouch holds everything I need with room to spare. I just LOVE this belt and this company!

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