Multi Scarf Headwear

Multi Scarf Headwear


Lightweight, multifunctional Multi-Scarf and face covering for running, hiking, and more!

Wear it several different ways and use it as a headband, scarf, and face covering to keep warm and protected during all your outdoor adventures.


(5 customer reviews)
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Product Details


  • 5-N-1 combo scarf
  • Soft texture and gentle on face
  • Eliminates messy hair
  • Neck and face protector
  • Breathable & Lightweight
  • Looks cool & keeps the sweat out of your eyes

5 reviews for Multi Scarf Headwear

  1. Pretty Soelaiman

    It’s fits perfectly on my face for face covering and did not slide down (since we are on Covid19 mode nowadays.). I have used it many times, and washed it as many, and it retained the shape, no piling. Lightweight and breathable.

  2. Laurie

    I went on an eight mile hike this weekend and used this as a scarf and face mask when passing other groups. It was light, comfortable and I really liked it since other masks can feel bulky when outdoors. I would definitely recommend this in warmer weather.

  3. Maria

    Great multi-scarf! I wear this to keep my ears and head warm on chilly mornings for my long runs. It is so comfortable and cute too! Works also to keep the neck warm. Love the versatility!

  4. Kristina Odom Hoff

    Love this light weight multi scarf. I wear it mainly as a scarf for chilly runs, but love that it can be converted to a headband if I get too warm. I have the second color- the grey and light blue- which seems to match with everything!

  5. thedisneyunicorn

    Great multifunctional scarf/buff for long runs. Started out wearing it around my neck to keep myself warm the first few miles then slid it up to be a headband and keep the sweat out of my face. The fabric is soft and doesn’t rub on my neck.

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