Surge Running Arm Band
Surge Running Arm Band
Surge Running Arm Band
Surge Running Arm Band
Surge Running Arm Band
Surge Running Arm Band

Surge Running Arm Band



Our sleekest and thinnest arm band to hold your phone.

The Surge Arm Band is the perfect way to unleash your inner athlete while keeping your playlist close at hand. Great for running, rollerblading, gym workouts, or any other activity. A case with a True Touch window holds your smartphone, allowing you to operate your phone without having to take it out. This high quality case is audio-friendly too; just listen to your playlist through your phone’s speaker. Or use the dual earbud ports and leave the noisy world behind.

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  • Fits iPhone 8 / X / XR , Samsung Galaxy S9  and other Similar Sized Phones
  • Light and sleek material
  • Water resistant panel keeps phone safe from sweat and light rain
  • Dual ear bud ports on bottom
  • Reflective window for high visibility
  • True Touch window—touch friendly
  • Exterior pocket with a key holder
  • No zip closure -- slide your phone in and fold material over your phone to secure


2 reviews for Surge Running Arm Band

  1. Ben

    I really enjoy running with this armband! It’s very comfortable with no chafing, and doesn’t move around or slip while you’re moving. The case itself holds my phone very tightly and I’ve had no concerns of my phone dropping out during my run. The protective sleeve is very touch sensitive and using my phone while in the case has been very responsive. I haven’t put it through the wash yet so I don’t know yet how it will hold up, but the construction seems sturdy and the fabrics used feel high quality. Would highly recommend!

  2. Ben

    This is a really great running armband! It stays snug on your arm while you’re moving and is pretty comfortable to wear with no chafing. The case itself holds onto my phone tightly without any concern of it falling out. The protective cover is very touch responsive and I’ve had no problems using my phone through the screen. I haven’t put it through the wash yet so I’m not sure how it’ll hold up (surprising, since I’m a pretty sweaty dude), but the construction seems very sturdy and the fabric is really nice. Would highly recommend!

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