The Best Running Belts for Every Runner

We are your trusted running partner, offering bounce-free running belts that allow you to carry your phone and essentials comfortably. Created by runners, for runners, our running belts are made with lightweight, yet durable materials that have been wear-tested to keep you going mile after mile.

For every runner: whether you are training for a marathon, running a new trail or hitting the treadmill – we got you covered!


How can a running belt help you?

Wherever your passion for running takes you, go in well prepared. Fitletic is your trusted fitness partner, offering dynamically engineered running belts to help you cover all the bases and go the extra mile. 

We’ve created ergonomic and lightweight performance gear that fits perfectly and moves with you. Our silicone grippers located on the inside of your belt keep it in place, no riding up or jostling around. We believe your running waistband should be adjustable and fit comfortably at the widest part of your hips, and we only use water-resistant materials that wick away light rain and perspiration, because your personal belongings should be free from moisture.

For endurance runners, the pre-race preparation, fueling, and hydration are so important for consistently high performance. Fitletic’s hydration running belts are designed to help you carry all your energy gels, water bottles, and essentials. Wear-tested by runners, for runners, your belt will be sure to help keep your belongings together so that you can focus on your goals.

Fitletic provides many customizable options for runners, including add-on water bottle holsters, integrated bib toggles for race days, a sunglasses pouch and a running pouch for medical supplies, such as EpiPens and insulin pumps. All running waist packs and armbands are equipped with reflective accents for visibility and safety. Add a couple of headbands to keep the hair off your face, choose your pump-up jam and go!

Choosing the best running belt and gear shouldn’t be tough. Whether you go with our Zipless Belt for security, the 360° Running Belt for extra storage, or the Ultimate I and II for races, they’ll keep you prepared wherever you’re headed. With Fitletic as your partner, you don’t have to sweat over the small stuff – enjoy a fuss-free, hands-free run!


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