Stephanie Diaz

Stephanie lives in Miami, FL and started running in 2012 to set an example for her kids. She fell in love with running along the way! While challenging and really hard at times, running reminds her to be grateful for the ability to run and helps her feel both in control of her life and completely free at the same time. She is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher and an RRCA-certified run coach. Her favorite running distance is the half marathon.

Active Lifestyle:
She loves trying out all different kinds of movement, but yoga and spinning are her go-to ways to stay active outside of running.

2020 Goals:
Stephanie’s running goal is a 1:45 half marathon. Her life goal is to be intentional with what she does and says, staying humble, and kicking ass.

Gear of Choice: Hydration Belt
She loves our hydration belt! It goes everywhere with her!

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