Check Out Our Amazing 2019 Fitletic Holiday Gift Guide

Check Out Our Amazing 2019 Fitletic Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here! Although we love this time of the year, there’s no question that finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be a bit overwhelming. This year, we’re sharing the ultimate gift guide with all the best gifts for your active friends and family.

Fitletic Has the Best Gift Ideas For:

  • Runners
  • Travelers
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • People on-the-go



Hydra 16 Hydration Belt: Our hydration belt is a great essential for any friends and family that love to run or are preparing for an upcoming race! Featuring two 8 oz bottles, the Hydra 16 will keep you going after each mile. It can hold your phone, ID, and keys while also securing your race bib to keep you comfortable without any bounce. Perfect for races, training or any long runs!

Ultimate II Running Pouch with Gels: Great for any runner into high-endurance runs and sports. It allows you to carry enough to fuel yourself for any long distance adventures!


Blitz Sports and Travel Belt: The perfect travel partner, this chic belt keeps your passport, phone, credit cards, hotel keys and more securely on-hand!

Bolt Fit Pouch: Another great travel option to store all your travel essentials, plus a little extra! Keep your passport, credit cards, cash, phone and boarding pass on you for easy and quick access.


Fitness Enthusiasts

Forte Plus Workout Armband: The perfect armband for any gym and fitness lover! Designed with comfort, function and style in mind, this armband features light memory foam to fit to your arm, an audio-friendly true touch window, ID pocket and a chord organizer.

Swipe Running Belt: The belt’s touch screen window gives you full access to your phone without needing to take it out. A spacious yet slim belt, it is perfect for a casual run or a trip to the gym!


Casual On-the-Go

Mini Sport Belt: This belt is great for casual hands-free activities or running errands. It’s sleek and minimalistic design goes perfectly with athleisure wear, and is great for storing on-the-go essentials like your phone, ID, credit card, keys or chapstick!

City Backpack: Comfortable and lightweight, this is the perfect gift for anyone heading to the office, classes or just running around town! Our new city backpack is the perfect size to hold all your on-the-go needs, including your laptop and iPad.


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What to Buy for Back to School

What to Buy for Back to School

It’s that time of year again. The familiar scent of new binders and notebooks and sharpened pencils. The long lines at your local school and office supplies store. School buses creating traffic and little kids peering out of the small windows. Cartoon backpacks and cute lunch boxes. It’s that time of year where shopping has never been so much fun for parents and kids alike! Along with buying your young children cartoon backpacks, it’s also that time of year middle-schoolers and high-schoolers are purchasing brand new backpacks as well. Fitletic offers a super cool backpack engineered to perfection both aesthetically and in functionality. The Journey backpack is lightweight and rugged at the same time. Perfect for kids in high school, young adults in college or graduate school looking for a hot new item. It’s large enough to hold a laptop with pouches for their school ID, keys, phone and other essentials. It has high visibility reflectors for safety, contains two side pockets for water bottles and a helmet holster for bike riding to and from school or friends houses. Is your kid a star athlete? Then this is the best backpack out there for them! The Journey backpack includes a 2-liter reservoir and an ergonomic air-flow panel. It’s equipped to keep your child hydrated all season long, even during competitive soccer matches. kids at marathonWe want our kids to feel like they can value and appreciate their belongings, so ensuring you pick the right essentials for them is important. Do you already know your son or daughter is going to be going on field trips and will need something light and compact to travel around with? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. Fitletic offers adjustable waist belts for kids and young adults that are made for these types of adventures. They come in a variety of youth-friendly colors that are bound to attract attention from all ages. Also, the colors are bright enough that it’s unimaginable your child would misplace or not be able to find it. Investing in a waist belt is also an investment in keeping your belongings secure and safe while moving around. Fitletic offers a Mini Sport Belt and Blitz, just two examples that are perfect for any kid or young adult on the go. If you’re a parent looking for some back-to-school items for your child as well as yourself, these waist belts are great options for you too. Running to pick up the kids at school and drive them to after-school activities? Try throwing on the Zipless belt and going hands-free for a change, it makes life that much easier. Don’t just shop for the upcoming fall season, shop smart for the entire school year. There’s nothing like high-quality accessories you know will last you well into the school year. It’s simply about picking and choosing what you like best. At Fitletic, we strive to reach children and adults alike and it’s reflected in the types of items we sell. Embrace this upcoming school year and the beautiful change of seasons by accessorizing in fashion and be on-trend. With belt bags/waist packs everywhere these days, you know you’ll be totally ready for any school-related scenario!


fitletic running guide

A Running Date With Your Mate

A Running Date With Your Mate

Running with your significant other can make your running trail more interesting and the roots of your relationship as strong as the ground beneath you. What holds couples back from running together? I often hear that running is thought of as a solo experience and always known as “me-time.” Can we change “me-time” to “us-time” without borrowing from the much-appreciated and valued alone-time experience? Runners often talk about the meditative aspect of the sport and how muting external noise helps to keep their heads clear. Whether it’s running in silence or to your favorite playlist, the sound is controlled. In order to combine the experience of moving meditation with the enhancement of your personal relationship, there should be a few things you and your partner are on the same page about. First, it’s quiet time for both of you. Perhaps if you can understand each other during the silence of your run, you can also understand each other during the sound of your conversations outside of running. What you strengthen in one space might lead to improvement in another, as long as you can agree beforehand that you’ll both take a similar approach and respect the boundary set. What comes easy in relationships tends not to last too long, and what lasts long may take some hard work and effort on both your parts. So instead of the sound of each other’s voices, you’ll embrace the other’s company in these ways: matching gear, healthy competition, simultaneously gaining endorphins, moving meditation, similar heart rates, and a chance to pick trails/runs you both like or have been wanting to do. Not only do you get the opportunity to work on self-love while you hit the pavement, you get to work on loving your favorite person even more than you already do. When the trail gets tough, you can empathize with your loved one beside you and how they may be struggling or conquering a new running goal. Being on the same wavelength as your partner may also elevate your mood…and matching gear might help. Leading busy lives can sometimes leave couples feeling distant from one another and this is the perfect opportunity to do something together while preparing together as well. All of our products at Fitletic are conveniently unisex, giving you and your partner the opportunity to pick matching items that will keep your mind focused on your experience as running partners instead of on your belongings. I suggest our Hydration Belts – the Hydra 12 or Hydra 16 belt for long-distance runners or the matching Surge running armbands if you two decide to listen to some beats while you run. If you prefer a running and travel waist belt, try out the Blitz, it even has an earbud port for easy access and listening purposes. If you’re looking for a way to bond with your mate this weekend, why not recommend going for a light jog — or if you’re both serious runners, a more endurance-focused run – together? Perhaps plan something for afterwards that you can both enjoy, like a nice home-cooked healthy meal, or a walk to a local juice bar to refresh and refuel. Whatever it is, try winding down together as well. I was once given some profound relationship advice that went something like, “Relationships have one law. Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you’re there.” And that’s our case for running with your mate. Don’t forget to grab your favorite Fitletic accessories to gear up and go!

fitletic running guide

In Preparation: the 90-minute Hot Yoga Class

In Preparation: the 90-minute Hot Yoga Class

A 90-minute Hot Yoga class isn’t necessarily as effortless as it may seem — actually, it can be really tough! Proper preparation helps ensure that you’ll have the best possible experience in those challenging 90 minutes. But what does proper preparation really mean? Eliminating distractions with the right gear, getting in the right mindset, eating with enough time to digest….and oh yea, hydrating. We’re talking hydrating before, during, and after class. Did we mention hydrating?  In all seriousness, all of these factors play an important role in making your yoga class the best it can be!

How long you last standing in class before doing the unthinkable, sitting down (or worse, walking out of the room), has a lot to do with how much water you drink before class. I know I said it before, but I’m gonna say it one more time: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If it wasn’t one of your go-to mantras before, it should definitely be one now. Why, you ask? Weigh yourself before and after a hot yoga class and the answer is on the scale. You lose a lot of liquids in a hot yoga class, so bringing water to class with you, along with drinking before and after, can make all the difference.

Fitletic Products to Use for a 90-Minute Hot Yoga Class

I highly recommend the Fitletic HydraPocket or Hydra Palm to accompany you to all your classes! The HydraPocket is a hydration handheld that acts as both a lightweight pouch to store essentials and offers a leak free bottle with an easy flow spout (it’s also a BPA free and dishwasher safe bottle).  The Hydra Palm is also a hydration handheld, but it has a unique inner pocket to fit your ID, credit card, and your smartphone. In addition, the Hydra Palm is designed with water resistant neoprene materials. You don’t even need to fill your bottle with water! Actually, drinking coconut water has made a huge difference in my hot yoga experience because I get all the electrolytes I need after a 90 minute class.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat,” then you know how important it is to give your body the right kind of fuel before a workout. Eating an hour or two ahead of time is usually the rule of thumb so you don’t get queasy in that standing forward fold. In conjunction with staying hydrated, making sure you’re eating clean, healthy foods not only helps with dieting and weight management, but can be the difference between a good workout and a great workout. You won’t just feel better, you also won’t be distracted by an uneasy stomach.

Focus on you-time and eliminate any distractions by storing your essentials in one place. Instead of throwing your stuff into an unlocked locker that isn’t secure, or keeping your phone hidden under a towel in class, wear the Fitletic Blitz. The Blitz is a unisex waistband with a single pouch; the motto is zip, clip, and go! It has a soft Dual-Adjust waist belt with a convenient earphone port, and it fits your smartphone of course. You can even stick the Fitletic Hydration Add-on on your Blitz belt for optimal use.

If you have long hair, or just want to spice up your yoga getup, a Fitletic headband is a great way to keep your hair out of your face and look good doing it! Ever had your hair fall into your face during a pose like toe stand when you need full concentration? It’s no fun. My personal favorite solution is the Marble headband — it matches perfectly with white or black leggings and a crop top/bra.

Listening to your favorite playlist pre-yoga class can really get you in the right mood. It’s great for achieving a balanced, ready, and prepared-for-anything mental state, especially if you’re taking a 90-minute Hot Yoga class where there is little or no music played. Silence for an hour and a half during a tough workout is asking a lot. Listening to music beforehand can help out with motivation in the long run.

These elements are key to what proper preparation really means: showing up hydrated and adequately fed with minimal distractions, feeling together mentally and physically, and being totally motivated to namaslay. Arriving to class ready gives you that much more incentive to turn your already great yoga routine into something significantly greater. Fitletic is here to serve you and meet your needs to be prepared for any sweaty workout. We’re proud to be your most reliable fitness partner when it comes to feeling ready for any challenge that comes your way.​