In Preparation: the 90-minute Hot Yoga Class

In Preparation: the 90-minute Hot Yoga Class

A 90-minute Hot Yoga class isn’t necessarily as effortless as it may seem — actually, it can be really tough! Proper preparation helps ensure that you’ll have the best possible experience in those challenging 90 minutes. But what does proper preparation really mean? Eliminating distractions with the right gear, getting in the right mindset, eating with enough time to digest….and oh yea, hydrating. We’re talking hydrating before, during, and after class. Did we mention hydrating?  In all seriousness, all of these factors play an important role in making your yoga class the best it can be!

How long you last standing in class before doing the unthinkable, sitting down (or worse, walking out of the room), has a lot to do with how much water you drink before class. I know I said it before, but I’m gonna say it one more time: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If it wasn’t one of your go-to mantras before, it should definitely be one now. Why, you ask? Weigh yourself before and after a hot yoga class and the answer is on the scale. You lose a lot of liquids in a hot yoga class, so bringing water to class with you, along with drinking before and after, can make all the difference.

Fitletic Products to Use for a 90-Minute Hot Yoga Class

I highly recommend the Fitletic HydraPocket or Hydra Palm to accompany you to all your classes! The HydraPocket is a hydration handheld that acts as both a lightweight pouch to store essentials and offers a leak free bottle with an easy flow spout (it’s also a BPA free and dishwasher safe bottle).  The Hydra Palm is also a hydration handheld, but it has a unique inner pocket to fit your ID, credit card, and your smartphone. In addition, the Hydra Palm is designed with water resistant neoprene materials. You don’t even need to fill your bottle with water! Actually, drinking coconut water has made a huge difference in my hot yoga experience because I get all the electrolytes I need after a 90 minute class.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat,” then you know how important it is to give your body the right kind of fuel before a workout. Eating an hour or two ahead of time is usually the rule of thumb so you don’t get queasy in that standing forward fold. In conjunction with staying hydrated, making sure you’re eating clean, healthy foods not only helps with dieting and weight management, but can be the difference between a good workout and a great workout. You won’t just feel better, you also won’t be distracted by an uneasy stomach.

Focus on you-time and eliminate any distractions by storing your essentials in one place. Instead of throwing your stuff into an unlocked locker that isn’t secure, or keeping your phone hidden under a towel in class, wear the Fitletic Blitz. The Blitz is a unisex waistband with a single pouch; the motto is zip, clip, and go! It has a soft Dual-Adjust waist belt with a convenient earphone port, and it fits your smartphone of course. You can even stick the Fitletic Hydration Add-on on your Blitz belt for optimal use.

If you have long hair, or just want to spice up your yoga getup, a Fitletic headband is a great way to keep your hair out of your face and look good doing it! Ever had your hair fall into your face during a pose like toe stand when you need full concentration? It’s no fun. My personal favorite solution is the Marble headband — it matches perfectly with white or black leggings and a crop top/bra.

Listening to your favorite playlist pre-yoga class can really get you in the right mood. It’s great for achieving a balanced, ready, and prepared-for-anything mental state, especially if you’re taking a 90-minute Hot Yoga class where there is little or no music played. Silence for an hour and a half during a tough workout is asking a lot. Listening to music beforehand can help out with motivation in the long run.

These elements are key to what proper preparation really means: showing up hydrated and adequately fed with minimal distractions, feeling together mentally and physically, and being totally motivated to namaslay. Arriving to class ready gives you that much more incentive to turn your already great yoga routine into something significantly greater. Fitletic is here to serve you and meet your needs to be prepared for any sweaty workout. We’re proud to be your most reliable fitness partner when it comes to feeling ready for any challenge that comes your way.​

An Inside Job: Prepare to Be Greater

An Inside Job: Prepare to Be Greater

“Prepare to Be Greater!” I was half-joking with one of my colleagues when the phrase came tumbling out of my mouth. We immediately gravitated toward the concept of being great, but wanting to reach that next level of greatness you only experience once you choose to prepare for the future.

Preparing for the future may sound daunting, but when you really break it down…it’s not. Think of it more as setting yourself up for success and growth. It can be as small as meal preparation every Sunday for the upcoming week, or it can be as grand as years of training to finally run a full marathon or tackle a hiking trail you’ve been wanting to conquer. Every moment we remain focused and dedicated, we become greater than we already are!

We decided that “prepare to be greater” connects with the values and things that matter most to us. My colleague was keen to add that to be greater than one already is takes a lot of hard work, practice and preparation. It’s about staying determined, disciplined and not giving up. Whether it’s keeping a laundry list of errands handy by using the Bolt Fit Running Belt, or being sure you drink enough water to hydrate for nightly Yoga classes; preparation is what turns great, into greater.

Creating a campaign concept with integrity is far more than a clever tagline; during an uphill battle we speak to ourselves with determination and grit. What we tell ourselves often has to do with progression and using the resources we have to do so. If you can feel organically connected to the smart, dynamically engineered accessories and performance gear made by Fitletic that you’re wearing, odds are you’ll also feel prepared to embrace fears limitlessly and not sweat the small stuff. Fitletic is your most reliable fitness partner in eliminating distractions. How you accessorize yourself in your activity shows the world how much you care and if you have prepared properly; why not devote a little bit more time to getting it right?

Fitletic embraces this idea as we develop products helping you prepare for your workouts. If you’re going for a run or simply to run errands a lightweight Fitletic belt allows for access and a hands-free lifestyle. With your smartphone screen accessible you can add motivation on a run with your favorite playlist. The cleverly designed pockets on our waist packs are uniquely customized so you don’t break or misplace your smartphone, ID, keys, and they’re all within a moment’s reach. Going for a trek or blazing a new trail? Fitletic’s Hydration Belt is the elegant solution to your thirst-quenching dilemma.

Once we’ve prepared –in the literal sense—focusing on getting better at whatever we’re working on won’t have distractions. We are personally inspired by the concept that every moment we don’t give up, we’re improving ourselves. Preparing to be greater is an inside job each and every one of us can decide to make, we’re here to partner with you on your journey towards being greater!