A Look At Our “Prepare to Be Greater” Shoot

A Look At Our “Prepare to Be Greater” Shoot

Ever wonder what goes into a leading sporting goods company photoshoot? Here’s a sneak peek into the preparation and performance of your most reliable fitness partner! Photoshoots and the magic that goes into planning them typically starts months and months before the day that athlete-models literally hit the ground running. For a brand marketing campaign – whether it’s a product shoot, a product environment shoot, a product usage shoot, or a lifestyle shoot – preparation is the most important part of the process. Coincidentally, preparation is also part of the name for our new campaign. Here’s an inside look at what kind of preparation went into our photoshoot at Fitletic for our “Prepare to Be Greater” campaign! INTENTION All of the creative team’s key players are involved in the preparation process to ensure everyone is on the same page and we are communicating a clear and coherent message. We don’t just take brand collateral materials and make up a brand message; it’s more than that.  More than your logo, your social media, and your color palette, your brand is an experience. A great brand has a stamp and an even greater brand marks their ownership with this stamp by exercising full control of the way in which the brand is experienced by consumers. The idea is to take your audience on a journey where they have a purpose in the community without imposing an ideology on them. At Fitletic, we strive to be about a conversation, not a broadcast. VISION We brainstorm at the outset what our set of goals are and what we want to achieve with our brand photoshoot. Not only does this give us the framework we will use to accomplish a successful shoot, but it prioritizes what we want to communicate as part of our vision. During the brainstorming process and creation of the “mood board,” we decided to use the phrase “Anything but Ordinary” as a focal point in case we strayed from the desired end result. To eliminate distraction, we identified the exact shots we needed and created a “shot list.” The goal is to design an image unique to your brand so that just by looking at a photo, you know where it’s coming from. This requires an enormous amount of styling detail for a specific image, and the images as a group, to resonate and communicate the message you’re trying to send. The “mood board” is a visual reference used to define the creative direction for the “shot list.” Our vision was to communicate the message “Prepare to Be Greater” by showing extraordinary athlete-models on their grind and in the preparation zone. THE PHOTOSHOOT Now that we’ve established there should be an intentional experience partnered with visual consistency, we look at the actual day of the shoot. Because each photoshoot has its own strengths and weaknesses, let’s look directly at what went right that day to measure our success. I can’t say enough how pleased we were with the team we worked with on the photoshoot. Although we met with the photographer and models for interviews beforehand, you never know what the group vibe will be. I can say in earnest each member of the group was willing, patient, dedicated and totally on their game. How much more can you ask for from your team? I like to believe it was a mixture of luck and talented people. We did our best to pick the appropriate shots for each model beforehand as to not waste any time the day of. The photographer gave us great insight – he let us know that the fewer people involved and the more prepared we were the smoother the shoot would run. Not only was the photoshoot incredibly exciting and fun, being that our hard work finally came to fruition, we also got to know each other on a personal level and bonded over the experience. I learned who taught classes where, what kinds of food people enjoy cooking or eating, where each person was from, and by observation – what kinds of shots each model enjoyed taking. I even attended one of the model’s classes post-shoot! The photographer was focused and creative but also took direction exceptionally well. Good natured and vibrant, we all got along, to say the least. We use and look at photos taken on that day for months on end, deciding on things like edits, placement, banners, social media, etc. Looking back on memorable photographs is far more enjoyable and pleasant when connected to a great day spent with great people than if connected to a problematic shoot. My advice? Meet everyone before the day of, get a diverse crowd, and lead by example – do your best to bring good energy. Believe in and support the talent; after all, you handpicked them, and they chose to show up and work with your team! And have fun! If you can do one thing on the day of a brand photoshoot apart from preparation, it should be to have fun and share your sincere gratitude and happiness with others!

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In Preparation: the 90-minute Hot Yoga Class

In Preparation: the 90-minute Hot Yoga Class

A 90-minute Hot Yoga class isn’t necessarily as effortless as it may seem — actually, it can be really tough! Proper preparation helps ensure that you’ll have the best possible experience in those challenging 90 minutes. But what does proper preparation really mean? Eliminating distractions with the right gear, getting in the right mindset, eating with enough time to digest….and oh yea, hydrating. We’re talking hydrating before, during, and after class. Did we mention hydrating?  In all seriousness, all of these factors play an important role in making your yoga class the best it can be!

How long you last standing in class before doing the unthinkable, sitting down (or worse, walking out of the room), has a lot to do with how much water you drink before class. I know I said it before, but I’m gonna say it one more time: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If it wasn’t one of your go-to mantras before, it should definitely be one now. Why, you ask? Weigh yourself before and after a hot yoga class and the answer is on the scale. You lose a lot of liquids in a hot yoga class, so bringing water to class with you, along with drinking before and after, can make all the difference.

Fitletic Products to Use for a 90-Minute Hot Yoga Class

I highly recommend the Fitletic HydraPocket or Hydra Palm to accompany you to all your classes! The HydraPocket is a hydration handheld that acts as both a lightweight pouch to store essentials and offers a leak free bottle with an easy flow spout (it’s also a BPA free and dishwasher safe bottle).  The Hydra Palm is also a hydration handheld, but it has a unique inner pocket to fit your ID, credit card, and your smartphone. In addition, the Hydra Palm is designed with water resistant neoprene materials. You don’t even need to fill your bottle with water! Actually, drinking coconut water has made a huge difference in my hot yoga experience because I get all the electrolytes I need after a 90 minute class.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat,” then you know how important it is to give your body the right kind of fuel before a workout. Eating an hour or two ahead of time is usually the rule of thumb so you don’t get queasy in that standing forward fold. In conjunction with staying hydrated, making sure you’re eating clean, healthy foods not only helps with dieting and weight management, but can be the difference between a good workout and a great workout. You won’t just feel better, you also won’t be distracted by an uneasy stomach.

Focus on you-time and eliminate any distractions by storing your essentials in one place. Instead of throwing your stuff into an unlocked locker that isn’t secure, or keeping your phone hidden under a towel in class, wear the Fitletic Blitz. The Blitz is a unisex waistband with a single pouch; the motto is zip, clip, and go! It has a soft Dual-Adjust waist belt with a convenient earphone port, and it fits your smartphone of course. You can even stick the Fitletic Hydration Add-on on your Blitz belt for optimal use.

If you have long hair, or just want to spice up your yoga getup, a Fitletic headband is a great way to keep your hair out of your face and look good doing it! Ever had your hair fall into your face during a pose like toe stand when you need full concentration? It’s no fun. My personal favorite solution is the Marble headband — it matches perfectly with white or black leggings and a crop top/bra.

Listening to your favorite playlist pre-yoga class can really get you in the right mood. It’s great for achieving a balanced, ready, and prepared-for-anything mental state, especially if you’re taking a 90-minute Hot Yoga class where there is little or no music played. Silence for an hour and a half during a tough workout is asking a lot. Listening to music beforehand can help out with motivation in the long run.

These elements are key to what proper preparation really means: showing up hydrated and adequately fed with minimal distractions, feeling together mentally and physically, and being totally motivated to namaslay. Arriving to class ready gives you that much more incentive to turn your already great yoga routine into something significantly greater. Fitletic is here to serve you and meet your needs to be prepared for any sweaty workout. We’re proud to be your most reliable fitness partner when it comes to feeling ready for any challenge that comes your way.​