A Running Date With Your Mate

A Running Date With Your Mate

Running with your significant other can make your running trail more interesting and the roots of your relationship as strong as the ground beneath you. What holds couples back from running together? I often hear that running is thought of as a solo experience and always known as “me-time.” Can we change “me-time” to “us-time” without borrowing from the much-appreciated and valued alone-time experience? Runners often talk about the meditative aspect of the sport and how muting external noise helps to keep their heads clear. Whether it’s running in silence or to your favorite playlist, the sound is controlled. In order to combine the experience of moving meditation with the enhancement of your personal relationship, there should be a few things you and your partner are on the same page about. First, it’s quiet time for both of you. Perhaps if you can understand each other during the silence of your run, you can also understand each other during the sound of your conversations outside of running. What you strengthen in one space might lead to improvement in another, as long as you can agree beforehand that you’ll both take a similar approach and respect the boundary set. What comes easy in relationships tends not to last too long, and what lasts long may take some hard work and effort on both your parts. So instead of the sound of each other’s voices, you’ll embrace the other’s company in these ways: matching gear, healthy competition, simultaneously gaining endorphins, moving meditation, similar heart rates, and a chance to pick trails/runs you both like or have been wanting to do. Not only do you get the opportunity to work on self-love while you hit the pavement, you get to work on loving your favorite person even more than you already do. When the trail gets tough, you can empathize with your loved one beside you and how they may be struggling or conquering a new running goal. Being on the same wavelength as your partner may also elevate your mood…and matching gear might help. Leading busy lives can sometimes leave couples feeling distant from one another and this is the perfect opportunity to do something together while preparing together as well. All of our products at Fitletic are conveniently unisex, giving you and your partner the opportunity to pick matching items that will keep your mind focused on your experience as running partners instead of on your belongings. I suggest our Hydration Belts – the Hydra 12 or Hydra 16 belt for long-distance runners or the matching Surge running armbands if you two decide to listen to some beats while you run. If you prefer a running and travel waist belt, try out the Blitz, it even has an earbud port for easy access and listening purposes. If you’re looking for a way to bond with your mate this weekend, why not recommend going for a light jog — or if you’re both serious runners, a more endurance-focused run – together? Perhaps plan something for afterwards that you can both enjoy, like a nice home-cooked healthy meal, or a walk to a local juice bar to refresh and refuel. Whatever it is, try winding down together as well. I was once given some profound relationship advice that went something like, “Relationships have one law. Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you’re there.” And that’s our case for running with your mate. Don’t forget to grab your favorite Fitletic accessories to gear up and go!

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Quality: A Life Lesson from My Father

Quality: A Life Lesson from My Father

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, I’ve had time to reflect on all the amazing things my dad has taught me over the years. From the time my dad took my training wheels off my tricycle, to the time he taught me how to drive a mid-size SUV only a couple months ago (don’t judge me I’m from New York City!), all I can think is how blessed and grateful I am to have such loving and supportive parents. They have both instilled the confidence in me to do whatever task is at hand, and have prepared me to do great things in this world.

In essence, my dad helped set me up for success by giving me the proper preparation, practice and resources necessary to be the best possible version of myself. If I had to choose the two settings in which my relationship with my father blossomed, it would be in the kitchen and on the soccer field. My dad went to cooking school and he also played sports growing up, he was even the catcher for Miami University’s baseball team! So, he had a lot to teach my brother, Daniel, and I.

My father taught me early on – whether in the kitchen or on the soccer field – how important it is to practice, practice, practice…and to practice properly. He strongly believes in using products with high quality and value, especially while practicing and preparing for something important to you. So, I learned how to tell the difference between something gimmicky and something worth purchasing. This important lesson has followed me throughout my life, and is even part of the reason why I am such a passionate supporter of Fitletic. Fitletic products are made to last, they’re durable, well thought out, and engineered to perfection. Exactly the type of products my father would have taught me to appreciate growing up, especially for all my future morning runs and hikes with friends.

See, the importance of something that’s well made goes beyond just the aesthetics – it allows you to take on your activity with tools that’ll only help you reach your goals – not take away from them. It’s those innovations that make all the difference, like the time my dad lent me his favorite compression socks when I started getting shin splints from running. The lesson is in the details, and the details are what my dad pays attention to more than the average person.

That’s why this Father’s day, I’m excited to gift my dad his very own Fitletic waist belt paired with our new and improved armband. I already have a feeling he’ll enjoy and notice the user-friendly touch screen and the quality material it’s made with to wick moisture and sweat. As for the waist belt, it won’t be a new accessory for him – he’s been wearing one since I was a kid. But he’s in for a treat, because I know firsthand Fitletic has the best one on the market.

The gift is about letting him know I listened all those times he urged me to pick quality over cutting corners. It’s about showing him that his hard work as a parent has changed my life, who I am, and the kinds of decisions I make on a daily basis; whether it’s being detail-oriented, practicing and preparing properly, or valuing the things I’m lucky to have.

Like everything else he does, he has given parenting his best effort and I can say in earnest, he was always great and every day becomes greater. Dad, thank you for everything you do for me, I wouldn’t be me without you. Show your dad (or guardian/parental figure) you care this Father’s day by pairing two Fitletic products together and give the gift of top-notch quality because your dad and my dad deserve products that match their lessons and lifestyles!