Which Hydration Belt
Do Runners Prefer?

What do runners have to say about our Hydrations belts? What about our competitors?

We believe our hydration belt is the best on the market today, but we had to wonder if seasoned runners agreed.

That’s why we have compiled online reviews from real runners who have used some of the most popular hydration belts in their own training—including Fitletic, SPIbelt, Nathan, and FlipBelt. Learn what they have to say after purchasing and using the belts themselves.
Fitletic Hydra 16 Hydration Belt
H20 Venture Series
TrailMix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt
Hydration Belt
Enjoy ZERO bounce. You’ll forget it’s even there and can better focus on the run itself.
After a few miles, the bottles are already half empty from leakage.
The bottom of the zippered pouch can tear, leaving a giant hole big enough for a smartphone to fall out.
Water bottles are difficult to get back in the holsters while running.
The pouch is roomy enough for large smartphones, keys, gels, etc. Even though it is big, it isn’t bulky.
It’s difficult to get comfortable around the abdomen and just does not seem to want to stay put.
You will not make it a full mile without both of the bottles falling out.
This belt is not flattering around your waist when loaded with items.
This running belt is both functional and super comfortable.
Failing to fully clip water bottles onto the belt will result in a scavenger hunt to try and find where they fell off.
Strap quality has gone down from previous models and is likely to tear after a few runs.
Water gets hot on runs because it’s so close to your body.
It fits snugly around the hips.
The belt cannot support heavy loads.
Elastic straps are not strong enough and loosen over time. No matter how much you tighten the belt, it still bounces.
Not recommended for long runs—the water bottles come loose and fall out.
The squeezable water bottles don’t leak—even when they’re upside down!
The pouch zipper doesn’t always work and it’s difficult to take things out while moving—and we all know a lack of convenience can cause distraction during your run.
The bottle tops do not fit or screw on quite right, which leads to drenched clothing and a depleted water supply.
Rides up while running, which is both uncomfortable and inconvenient.
The little silicone buttons built into the belt help it to stay in place throughout your run.
The weight of the water bottles puts too much pressure on your lower back, increasing the risk of injury.

Fitletic Hydra 16 Hydration Belt